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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 20, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight. make sure you go to greta the s here is "the five." >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: this is a great day. i'm so happy. i can't even explain where do we folks get such inside the mentality of the left wing, their motives, their agenda and the real plan for america. first up, the national organization of for and by women has a pro-abortion agenda. is willing to do anything to silence conservatives who get in their way. case and point, now national smear campaign against rush limbaugh. we contacted now four times
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today, 11:20 a.m., 12:45 a.m., 2:25 p.m., and just about two hours ago. the press secretary told us, president terry o'nei guess what? our folks never rang. because greg, i wanted to ask her, how she could call for a boycott, how they could call for boycott of rush limbaugh with the sandra fluke comments and ignore bill maher's comments calling palin the "c" word. and recently, hillary rosen's war on working for sorry, stay-at-home moms. >> greg: first, boycott? why can't it be a girlcott. >> eric: sorry. >> greg: make me sick to my some make. now the only people in now are people who work in n.o.w. there are more women in nascar than n.o.w. perhaps they're a victim of their own success. they're not as vel rant anymore because for example, women have all the rights that, you know, they can shop.
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this isn't about rush. this isn't about getting rid of rush. this is reviving n.o.w. making it more relevant. they are seeking an enemy to galvanize against so people remember who they are. nobody even remembers who is the head of n.o.w. remember pat richardson ireland? people remember her. >> andrea: n.o.w. is not now. it's so yesterday. >> greg: they should call them then. >> andrea: it's excellent point. it's so irrelevant. feminists should be credited with giving women extraordinary gains but they are irrelevant. a lot of the things they advocate for are no longer applicable. the hypocrisy with n.o.w. is astounding. they preach feminism, go girl, everybody have each other's back. all they've been doing is staying silent when women criticize other women. i thought we weren't supposed to criticize other women for their choices. i guess because we chose the wrong political party, we get
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lambasted by the so-called supportive feminists. it's bull. >> eric: bob is biting his tongue for a minute. go ahead. >> dana: i was thinking back to when i, didi meyers is the first woman to be press secretary of the united states. i got be a second one. >> greg: you were so much better. >> dana: n.o .w., i never heard from them. but who was supportive of me is the national organization for italian american women. it grew up in italian american family, wyoming and colorado. what is -- are you laughing at? it's true. >> gregnoya.these women are so , helpful, was there anytime, invited me to be part of the event. it never heard from n.o.w. ever. this does wreak of desperation. a fundraising ploy. but it's going to backfire. >> eric: it's fundraising. full screen where it sose
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donate. bomb, you go to the website and people would say is n.o.w. a political wing? do they have a political wing? your action, tell president obama to free the bill from the bishop. antiabortion rice terrorism is coming. will you help? their political action committee, everybody they back is a democrat. elizabeth warren, democrat in massachusetts. elizabeth bonnavici, democrat. there is an agenda. >> bob: why is this a surprise to you? n.o.w. has been a democratic organization since the inception. still is relevant. i believe this has over 1 million members. maybe not all active. n.o.w. has been in the forefront of a number of fights going back to title nine and you are going before that. equal pay for women.
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don't sugarcoat this. they don't like the right. >> greg: yes. >> bob: so they are going after rush limbaugh for good reasons they think what they did is unacceptable from a political standpoint. i can't fault them for that. >> greg: this goes back to what we talk about. the progressive pig rule. you agree with me. if you're progressive you can be a pig. bill maher. >> bill clinton. >> greg: if you're progressive you can get away with saying certain things because you fit the agenda. their agenda. you can make disparaging remarks about women. i'll say this about n.o.w. so their credit they came out about ed schultz. they're not all ideological all the time. >> bob: oink, oink, oink. >> andrea: in the california races we saw n.o.w. chiming in, calling -- who was it? carly fiorina?
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they were calling the women, the same names. it was, it's really, to me it's very, very bizarre. to think that rush limbaugh, really, everybody, rush limbaugh is the biggest threat to women? they need to spend time doing a fundraising drive to pay for their own birth control. there you go. >> eric: move on but interesting they, the organization actually backed hillary rosen comments rather than -- >> greg: yeah. they said she lacked, the head said she lacked life experiences. that is misogynistic. this is am with's group that is condemning stay-at-home mom saying when you lack life experiences they are saying you are less than human. >> bob: that statement was entirely different from hillary rosen's. c'mon. >> dana: the next day when she was on tv she was asked to respond about hillary rosen and she defended her and then doubled down and made it worse. >> eric: let's move on. there is the delightful nancy pelosi. exposing the liberal bias against free market capitalism? and legal political donations.
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watch. >> we have a clear agenda. disclose, reform the system, reduce the role of money and campaign and amend the constitution to rid it of this ability for special interest. secret unlimited huge amounts of money to go to campaigns. >> eric: just listen carefully. again, these are her words. listen. >> we have a clear agend agenda: amend the constitution. >> eric: "we have a clear agenda, to amend the constitution." you want to point something out? >> greg: i'm amazed at the cloak she was wearing. it once belonged to cornelius of "planet of the apes," the 1969 movie. >> eric: moving along, we have a clear agenda to amend the constitution. >> bob: we do, we do. you're right. >> eric: wow! >> bob: the reason is decided conservative right wing court ruled in citizens, in the citizens case versus federal election commission.
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citizens united. they allowed corporations to have the same standing as individuals which under the first amendment there has never been any intent, never discussion about that. the fact of the matter is they have fundamentally changed the way american politics works. they fundamentally change the way the republican primary system. they're a threat. we ought to amend the constitution. specifically, cake out corporations under that law. >> dana: i am going to love this. in 2012, it will be wonderful if the democrat's position they will amend the first amendment. good luck with that. you can't -- i also think it's unbecoming of democrats to call the court a decided right wing court. when the court agreed with the liberal position, then it is the final word. that is pristine. if it's arguement that you disagree with, then they are the right wing kooks. i think that's -- >> bob: i didn't call them a kook. but i said they have a right wing agenda. >> dana: kook is a kind word. >> bob: can you cite me a liberal issue they came down on this court?
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dab >> dana: i don't have to do that. this is what i do as an american. supreme court, confirmed by the united states senate, whether originally appointed by a liberal or a conservative person. when they get there, they uphold the integrity. all of them. >> bob: the integrity includes their ideology. the ideology is conservative right wing -- >> dana: good luck with amending the first amendment. >> bob: don't you think the corporations all of this with no disclosure of who is behind it? >> dana: if you want the law changed, fine. change the constitution is a different matter. >> andrea: do you think this is a winning political strategy? >> bob: no, but it's the right thing to do. >> andrea: when you see nancy pelosi standing from front of the podium you go this is central command. pelosi back to earth, please. >> bob: once in a while you take a position that's right. many in the constitution can take away from corporations the ability to massively change the system is the right thing to do. >> eric: wasn't president obama against the political
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action committees? he wasn't going to go for the big corporate donors? might be a few months ago he changed his mind. >> greg: i think so. how did that happen? i'm okay if they curb corporate speech if it includes the progressive auto insurance lady and the geico lizard. >> eric: what about the can you hear me now guy? >> greg: that bothers me, too. >> bob: don't you think there ought to be disclosure of who puts money behind campaign against somebody? >> dana: anybody should give any money they want at all times. i'm for the full disclosure piece. that is not, that is not in question in the supreme court. that's why if they want to change the law -- changing the law is different than changing the constitution. >> bob: in fact, it was involved in that law, because look, right now, mitt romney refuses to release the names of his bundlers. why is that? karl rove refuses to release the names of people that give money to crossroads. why is that? >> dana: people will be targeted -- look at what happens to nobody, if you are
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on the left and you don't like somebody on the right, that's what obama opposition people did today. they took a list -- i'm saying it has to be both ways. you know what they did? here is the thing. you know what they did this morning? they took the list of anybody who has given to romney. oh, look. a character flaw. this is the kind of people that give you romney. that was a disgusting play this morning. >> bob: you don't think romney should release name of people -- >> dana: i do not. >> bob: you're kidding me. >> dana: i do not. >> andrea: under the law he doesn't have to. >> dana: right. >> andrea: but really -- >> dana: what will happen, why, so that president obama can have a press conference in the rose garden that is the people's place and call out somebody for like, the right wing energy people that are trying to destroy the country? that is what happens. >> bob: labor unions taught be able to spend all they want -- >> dana: labor unions do it all the time. >> bob: so do corporations now. why not disclose it. 'canes we're even. >> bob: can we not disclose them? >> dana: labor unions don't. the political contribution is
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not direct with the labor union. that is the problem. it's all underground. the pension, all the other stuff. the mandatory fees come from having to be part of the union. if i want to give money to a cause because i think it would be better for my future or my grandchildren's future i would give that money to them -- >> bob: the dollar of the labor union is not disclosed. >> andrea: this is a political strategy. one branch undermines the other one. executive undermines court and now executive undermines the supreme court. so the court is on the eni's list. >> bob: that is ridiculous statement to make. this is just flat wrong. >> andrea: it's attack on the court. >> bob: they put an absolute mark on the political system that ought to be open and fair and the idea they gave, gave corporations the opportunity to change this country is absolutely despicable. right wing. >> eric: we have to go. the discussion coming up, three more secret service agents released of their duty. one fired agents had the hots for governor palin.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." all right, the secret service scandal might not be so secretive anymore. one of the agents involved in the scandal as it turns out actually protected sarah palin when she was a candidate for vice president. sarah palin sat down with our own greta van susteren about the comments that this secret service posted in 2009 to his facebook, about the ven vice presidential candidate. >> one of the agents booted from the agency was part of governor palin's vice presidential security team of 2008. now he posted pictures on facebook of himself and governor palin 2008. running comments like "i was really checking her out if you
11:18 pm
know what i mean." he's fired and i hope his wife kicks his colie and sends him to the doghouse. >> andrea: he had the hots for governor palin. guarding her and posted a picture standing there with his glasses on and had a wedding ring on. as you heard freta say i was checking her out if you know what i mean. totally inappropriate. but social media played a role in the gsa scandal and this scandal. we see this, the secret service agency and the government officials are posting thicks on facebook. should secret service besides to have the account, besides it's inappropriate to do that? >> eric: a great question. maybe not. maybe you know, they should take their, all of the social media stuff away. who knows if they'll leak something or have a few cocktails. i have to stand up for secret service, though. barring the 11 guys or however many it may be, i wear this pin above my heart. they risk their lives and they have been killed in their duty
11:19 pm
for the presidency. and for others. great guys. let's not tarnish the whole service over a few guys. getting back to a few guys, not a bad idea to keep them off social media. only bad things happen. >> andrea: you would think it would be inherently obvious you shouldn't post pictures and if you're married don't make comments in public. >> dana: anthony weiner. freddie if you go on my space it's amazing how many c.i.a. agents tell me what bands they like. it's disgusting. we worried about the 1984 aspect of government and the idea government would intrude in our private lives. it's the other way around. we force our private lives on everyone. the social network and twitter, every thought needs to be published. can i make a point. i want to make a prediction about the secret service scandal. there will be a movie, being made down there, adult film using the actual women and they'll recreate the whole
11:20 pm
event and wildly successful. out before the election, called "tour of booty" and it will be huge. >> andrea: it sounds like you have information on this. >> bob: the idea of taking facebook away from them. that is an abuse of their first amendment rights i think. >> dana: we should amend the constitution. that's funny! c'mon. give me one. [ laughter ] >> andrea: i want to ask you, senator jeff sessions actually turned it to the president and his managerial skills are in question. sessions says i don't think the president has shown any managerial leadership on this. jay carney shot back, the white house press secretary. it sounds like a lawmaker attempting to politicize something political. is this a political situation? should it report poorly on obama? >> bob: from jeff sessions, a guy from went from the democrat party to the republican party? a guy i'd trust all the time. if you get a take on this, get obama on a lot of things. you do enough of it around here. the secret service is a career
11:21 pm
job. clear line of authority. terrific job. the idea this is managerial problem for obama is another attack. sessions should have kept his mouth shut. >> andrea: jay carney who has your old job says it's distraction. the "waub times" says solyndra is distraction, everything is a distraction. carney, is that appropriate response? >> dana: using distraction to get the media to ashamed of asking the question and trying to move on. you wake up every week and you think okay, this week we'll talk about "x." then you end up having to talk about "y," "z," a, b, c. it wasn't in the plan. also they have to be careful because there is an ongoing investigation. he can't say too much. he is being briefed. they have to rely on the secret service to protect
11:22 pm
them. they don't need disgruntled workforce on their hands either. maybe not the best word. >> bob: it's not an issue next week. >> greg: when women talks part of the scandal when the women start talking. the women in front of all the papers now will never have to work a day in her life. she will get a reality show, she will be cameos everywhere. in six months she will be living with bob in your skyscraper. >> bob: do you know anybody who has thoughts about palin like that? >> dana: oy! >> bob: i'm curious. >> andrea: coming up, obama the match-maker is trying to hook up every single clooney on a date. like he needs help. greg is throwing his hat in the ring. we'll discuss it next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: let it go, dana. so george clooney will host a $6 million fundraising dinner for barack obama at his l.a. home. people can donate there are 3 to win a spot at the table. it wonder if they're serving free range terrier. it sounds like a presidential kissing booth. what is weird, only $3? that is what dana pays her intern for a day's work. poor thing, he came to america to chase a dream and how he does is wax spelling bee trophies from 1989. i guess his quiet somebodies are music to someone's ears. $3, i guess $4 would be too much to hear obama say wow, the organically grown fair trade green beans are delicious. biden would you eat with your mouth closed please. the point of this win a date
11:28 pm
with a 1% event. hollywood zillionaire go to clooney's place and rapists are elitist? i guarantee you they'll be eating with silver spoons. celebs like romney -- excuse me. clooney. that was a slip. they are so special they can't live in america. it's not special enough to the countrymen. this fits with obama's philosophy of american unexceptionallism. some lucky win ker sit around the table with the wealthy internationalists and hear lines like wow, i would say this is exceptional chicken but if it's american grown, i say it's no better than anyone else's chicken. if that doesn't make you a republican, you're hopeless. would you have dinner with clooney? i know youee enar moreed by the fellow? >> dana: you think i am? i like the one he had to drive across the country.
11:29 pm
i saw that on a plane. really good. >> greg: that was robert downey junior. fantastic movie. >> dana: that is going to go really good tomorrow. this smacks of desperation. desperation in the "a" block and the "c" block. they were able to fundraise in obama 2008. they even had cat lovers for obama. donate $5. now it's only $3 to have dinner with george clooney? i mean things are not going in the right direction. >> andrea: dog lovers for obama are not garnering fundraisers either. >> eric: i signed up to obama's bracket channel in march madness. he beat me. but ever since then i'm getting these e-mails, you know, come hang out with george clooney. michelle obama is inviting me everywhere. $3. i keep telling them, but do you realize i don't get along
11:30 pm
with you guys that well. maybe i would. that would be -- >> greg: it would be great if you won. ask bob, the republicans have a hard time finding anybody as glamorous as george clooney. who could they raffle off as a date? for republicans. >> bob: newt gingrich. >> dana: a lot of people would like that. >> bob: i think the republicans, they, let me see, who do they have as a celebrity support? >> andrea: jon voigt. >> dana: gary sinise. >> bob: jon voigt might not make it to dinner. cath rick mcphee -- kathryn mcphee. what is the point here? the desperation, he has so much more money in the bank than mitt romney has, it's beyond belief. keeping the space of last year, of the 2008 campaign. he will razor of $800 to $900 million. if he does do clooney for $6 million, what the big deal?
11:31 pm
>> greg: i don't think it's a big deal but i think it's a top tic to talk about on a friday. why are you being mean to me? would you go to the dinner if you won? >> andrea: i would go if i won. but i don't think i would enter. i'm not a clooney girl. i don't know, we make jokes about it but there is something about it. i think because he's a liberal. he is not my favorite. >> dana: now robert downey junior -- >> andrea: i did not tell you off the air i like george clooney. it haven't really dated liberals so i don't know if i was actually -- >> dana: go back to clooney well? hollywood, why can't you choose someone else? >> greg: can i move on? this is a hilarious article. a writer named tommy christopher noted a sign that was behind mitt romney. at a speech in ohio. the sign said obama isn't working. and according to tommy christopher this slogan is evocative of a national racial
11:32 pm
stereotype about black men. here is my question. if you see that sign and immediately think it's about lazy black men, aren't you the raceist? isn't romney christopher the racist for pointing that out? he presumes to know what is in your head because it's in his head. that is idiotic. >> andrea: that's liberalism. >> greg: not all liberals are like this. >> andrea: it's not all but a lot -- >> bob: there are some people out there could say obama's policies aren't working? >> greg: obama is not working. that is great. this ain't working. >> andrea: but even obama mentioned he was a little bit lazy. remember? >> bob: i'm not a racist. that's the first thing i thought about. >> eric: mediaite are very good. if you say something wrong, they call you out on it. not partisan by any means with the exception of tommy christopher who makes his business to be far left liberal as he can. if you remember, tommy christopher, the guy that went at it with breitbart.
11:33 pm
>> dana: if you are looking to be insulted you will find it everywhere. >> greg: true. especially around ladainian dan. coming up, stories so exciting we might not show them to you. one lucky women will have his or her lawn mowed by dana perino. that's true. that's next. well done, dana. ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: unusual event happened last segment, i misspoke. it was not senator sessions who was a democrat that turned
11:39 pm
republican. it was his turncoat colleague shelby in alabama. now, on another top take really does is going to cause a lot of controversy. there is a clinic in washington state that advertised in british vancouver, in canada for couples who wanted to have a selection of boys or girls. who would be done by in vitro fertilization. my brother and his wife did the same thing. but in this case, they go through the dna of the mother or the father and they go through dna of sperm cells that are being held for in vitro and they figure out which one is going to be a boy or a girlment and then they do bring eggs together with that. i shouldp get into this too much. >> keep going. >> bob: it's implanted and in a carry mother usually. the baby is the son or the
11:40 pm
daughter of the original mother and father. the question raised is should you or should you not be able to determine the gender of your kids simply by going to this clinic and getting the right sperm? yes, sir? >> greg: i wish i could get the birds and the bees talk from him when i was a kid. >> andrea: he will give it to you after the show. >> i like this. whole week, your block, you have delved in areas you never thought you'd delve into on tv. >> bob: this one, i did, my brother and sister-in-law went through this thing. >> andrea: chose the gender of the child? >> bob: no. in vitro. >> eric: the process is called spinning. i think you can spin and push it ward a boy rather than a girl. i'm against all of this stuff. we should let it happen. boy, girl. let it happen. >> andrea: yeah. >> greg: you can't -- how do you regulate that? if people want a choice. oddly enough, irony women choose against female babies. you're almost like eliminating a lot of girls in some
11:41 pm
countries. >> bob: there is a company, united states company that does sonograms in india and south korea to pick out whether you'll have a boy or a girl. and the rates of boys being born to girls increased dramatically. i assume as a result of that. what do you think? >> dana: ivf has been helpful to my friends that could haven't children and did treatment and were able to have children. this is slightly different where science gets ahead of us or tries to get ahead of us and you choose male or female. i'm not for it. i think there is a reason we are here and we consult bioethicists like we did on the stem cell debate. i think human beings are here to make sure that this kind of thing doesn't necessarily happen. this is not abortion, though. this is choosing before, which i guess, we could, angels dancing on the head of a pin. how do you decide? it's tough.
11:42 pm
i'm not for this. >> bob: this also could go on, i imagine, if you found out genetic makeup of autistic child for example and decided they were going to do away -- >> andrea: they do that now. thaw can do sonograms and say you have potential to have a down syndrome child. it happens -- i know a woman it happened to. this is different. this is different. i want to stay on top of it. i think this is playing mother nature, just let -- don't play god. let mother nature figure it out. look at the makeup of guys versus girls in the world, mother nature has done a pretty good job. gender manipulation, as you mention, greg, when you get to china, there are huge generational problems. china is going to be facing them. designer babies, no. designer shoes and bags? okay. designer baby, no. >> bob: in my brother's case, they used his sperm and his wife's egg and brought them together. implanted it in a carrier mother. i assume this is what they're talking about here. >> dana: this could also be, you could carry this baby yourself as the mom. >> bob: really?
11:43 pm
okay. >> andrea: there are old wives' tales you can google other ways -- >> bob: you said you would have a boy if you stood up? didn't you say that? okay. coming up, kareem abdul jabbar is not going to be sleeping well tonight. why? because dana perino is going to take him down tomorrow. we'll tell you how when we come back. ♪ ♪
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this is "jeopardy." ♪ ♪ >> dana: that music making me nervous, tomorrow morning is the morning i'm going to play on "jeopardy." get a chance to play in the power players, i call it. the annual -- playing for a charity, pets to vets. playing against kareem abdul jabbar. who i had a picture of before. david faber. i am nervous. should by nervous? >> greg: you should be
11:48 pm
terrified. i would hate to be in your shoes. you could try to do something -- >> dana: they'd be small. >> greg: figure alex trebek with his clothes on. when you spin the wheel, give at it good spin. a lot of times you got to go all the way around. >> dana: if i phone a friend, call you? >> greg: dress up. because generally bob barker will come to you if he sees you are dressed in something unusual. >> dana: great advice. >> bob: i thought a woman spun that thing. >> greg: it's a woman. >> bob: i did not get a single one right. >> dana: "jeopardy." >> andrea: i think that you should take the podium closest to alex. it's important to understand alex. that's how i have a quiz question about alex, the host for you right now. are you ready? >> dana: i haven't read his bio, yet. go ahead. >> dana: >> what is alex's hobby
11:49 pm
outside of "jeopardy"? >> dana: what is cleaning greg gutfeld's ferret cage? >> andrea: as tempting as that sounds, ahh. reading and racing thoroughbred horses. >> dana: oh! >> dana: what is the patriots? >> eric: who are -- >> dana: i mean, first the gra magrammar has to be correct. who are the steelers? eric, do you have advice for me? the one thing i'm nervous about is that at the end how do you know how much to bet? i have different advice. somebody said always bet a dollar. what do you think? >> eric: no, no, no no. no. i assume you will be in the lead. can you grab this? grab this. try and do this. i'll assume you are in the lead. you have 10,000, kareem abdul jabbar has $8,000 and david has 7,000. take the next highest, double
11:50 pm
his. if he gets it right and double his amount. $16,000. you have to bet $6,001. one more than doubling. >> bob: how can he bet more than he has? >> eric: he can double. >> dana: i have to be ahead of him. >> eric: if you're not leading, bet it all. >> dana: bob, you are a skimmed gambler, i wonder when you get the daily double, would you always go for the daily double? make it a -- >> bob: trifecta and i box horses. the daily double is loser bet. never bet on a horse to win. do a trifecta and box them. >> eric: can i help you with the question? if it's a topic, subject you like and you know. go for the full daily double, otherwisotherwise go -- >> dana: maybe not. >> eric: double the amount of the square. >> dana: how much money you have in your account at the
11:51 pm
time? >> eric: of the square. >> bob: if it's $500 -- what do you think is your strongest? >> dana: my strength -- >> greg: the barker back pack. famous monsters. >> dana: the other thing, i got good advice from somebody on twitter today. i can't remember your name, but it was very good advice. i hope you're watching now. one of the hardest things on "jeopardy" is getting the buzzer right. and she said don't dip when you buzz. i thought oh, i know exactly what she means. it drives me crazy when people are on and they go -- you should don't that. calm, cool and collected and hit it like that. >> greg: look. go back to that shot. i have to do this. thumb exercises. do 400 of these before you go to bed. >> dana: why do they ask the question -- why give the answer instead of the question? >> dana: in eighth grade my history teacher said there would be a quiz. i came and i knew all the answers, of course.
11:52 pm
switched it around and nowhere matt and made it to jeopardy. so you had to answer it in the form of a question and everybody failed. >> bob: once a friend of mine broke in the school to steal a quiz and we got the wrong one. we didn't get a single one right. i don't suggest you do that out there. >> dana: what is a classic bob beckel moment? thank you for all of your support. we'll let you know how it goes. it airs week of may 14. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: okay. that's boston. greg liked it. you've been redeemed according to dana. one more thing. kick it off. >> greg: i decided i'm tired of the one more thing and i turned it into a new segment. here it is. >> world of dana perino! ♪ ♪ >> greg: this is where once a week i'll come up with an interesting fact you may not know about dana perino. the other day, a diner around the corner we go to and they have pictures on the wall after famous people. kana walked in and inquired about having her picture added to the wall. they felt a little ok ward about it. and they said sure, she goes i
11:57 pm
would like it right there. and she was pointing at a picture of a famous person. and asked her to take it down. it was mother teresa. [ laughter ] and they kind of pointed out that it's mother teresa. dana said does she have a show? [ laughter ] i'll have one of those once a week. >> dana: i can't wait. >> andrea: it's so unreasonable. so last weekend, i went to cape main, new jersey and visited many my aunt. she has lloyd's custard ice cream shop. they won the "guinness book of world records" longest ice cream sundae. >> dana: awesome. >> andrea: it wasn't sunny that day and that's good because it didn't melt the ice cream. that's cool. it's really long. there she is right there. my aunt. >> dana: that is cool. >> andrea: if you're in south jersey, they have 25 flavors of soft ice cream. not just chocolate and
11:58 pm
vanilla. 25 flavors. lloyd's custard in summer's point. >> bob: i would like the whole thing. >> andrea: me, too. >> bob: this week, president obama was in detroit at the henry ford museum. where there is a bus that was, i said dearborn, michigan. it says detroit. that is the producer. this is the bus that rosa parks rode in. the montgomery, alabama, bus boycott that many believe was the beginning of the civil rights movement. a young minister dr. martin luther king involved in that. rosa parks was a great hero. obama sat there and reflected on what it must have been like to have that courage. it happened december 1, 1955. proud to say my now departed father was a part of that and was involved in the civil rights movement for many years. congratulations, dad. rosa park and martin luther king.
11:59 pm
>> eric: good stuff. very quickly. pull up the full screen by the numbers. we found out today from the cbo that food stamp usage is now 45 million. is that a record? yes. that is under obama. disability claims under barack obama, $5.4 million. is that a record? yes. which might explain the last one. romney fundraising for march, $125. guess what, that's a record. for him. >> dana: thanks to a viewer joanne howard sent me a beautiful painting that she made herself. yoanne howard. she lives in hampton, virginia, and does dog, cats and kids portraits. this is a photograph i took of henry after eric gave us hats. henry was my dog. he passed away, of course, about a month ago. henry beechwood. we miss him dearly. it was a wonderful, meaningful gift. thank you soh.


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